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The hot button with talent professionals these days is about looking to burn fewer calories to process more candidates, while at the same time reducing candidate drop off. As a result, it is becoming crucially important to question what parts of the process you want to adjust and what are you looking to achieve? For example, these days high volume recruiting roles are getting inundated with thousands of applications which are becoming more difficult to manage. While there are viable options in the marketplace to alleviate such burdens, it is still important to consider three critical factors as you roll out any talent solution within your organization such as: How does it improve the candida


If you do not take the time and energy to properly onboard the people who have graciously accepted your offer to better your company then what kind of ROI do you expect? As a matter of fact, a proper onboarding process does have a massive positive correlation to employee performance and retention. According to Glassdoor’s most recent survey, it found that companies with an effective onboarding process were able to improve new hire retention by 82 percent. Furthermore, performance also increased by 70+percent. Regardless of the research, a Gallup study indicated that only 12% of the employees found that their onboarding process was satisfactory, which means that 88% felt it was unsatisfactory


Are you attracting the right kind of candidates or just posting jobs? Most organizations are just posting their jobs in a standard fashion and not paying attention to the analytics of the people who apply. The reality is a lot of times high achievers drop off quickly as the job posting doesn’t “attract” them to the position, the culture or the corporate values. The good news is there paradigm shift occurring in talent acquisition to get better at attracting the “Right” people to “Apply”. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW Many companies are stuck in an old regime of sending out standard job posting highlighting the job, qualifications, non-negotiable criteria with the hopes someone good wi

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