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How to Build High Performance Teams that are Effective!

EFFECTIVE TEAMS START WITH UNDERSTANDING STRENGTHS Have you ever gone through a team building exercise where everyone gets together to do a team activity with hopes of learning more about each other? Those kinds of activities can be fun, and may even help in understanding the team or increasing their performance – but there are other approaches that can have a more long-term impact on team effectiveness. If you are looking for long-lasting results, Rule #1 is to start by helping each team member understand him or herself better! Why? To integrate effectively, it is essential that each person has a solid grasp of their own strengths or how those strengths might contribute, adapt, learn, and f

How to Convert More High Quality Candidates

Self Management Group (SMG) recently conducted a study with a large company to help them assess their recruitment efforts. The company hired about 200 salespeople per year, with a recruiting pipeline of 7,000+ candidates from both warm and cold sources. Of these candidates, 31% were identified as high potential quality recruits using the science of SMG psychometric pre-hire selection assessment. The company was able to convert only 7% of those high quality recruits; the other hires came from recruits identified as having only average potential. In this study, performance of the recruits was monitored after they began work. The results were clear – higher quality hires out-produced those with

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