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Case Study: 5 Benefits of Using Pre-Employment Assessments

The goal of the hiring process is to ensure continued productivity and improved retention, which is why more and more companies are adding pre-hire assessments to their screening and selection processes.

These tools are tried, true and tested to make accurate predictions about a candidates’ potential performance and retention. They also gather crucial Intel on prospective hires to support continuous improvement within a talent acquisition strategy to achieve performance excellence.

In a recent case study carried out by the Self Management Group with a large telecommunication organization, they measured the business impact of implementing pre-employment assessment tools. The following article discusses the top 5 benefits this organization attained using pre-employment assessments with their organization.

Pre-Employment Assessment Case Study: Telecommunication Organization

The Situation: A large telecommunication company call centre with high turnover.

The Goal: Achieve retention and performance improvements using pre-employment assessment tools, and to gather additional talent analytics metrics in the screening and selection process.


1. Created a Proprietary Database for Candidate Analytics

The pre-employment tools helped create a database of suitable candidates for the company to draw upon for future hires. In the first six months, the client hired 900 reps and developed a database of an additional 460 potential hires in the first year.

Over time, the client will be able to use this database at any given moment to compare their hires to recruits on key metrics captured in the pre-hire assessment tools. This will allow them to not only draw upon these metrics against performance and retention, but also a mechanism to monitor how many quality potential hires they brought into their company but also how many potential hires they didn't convert.

2. Identified The Best Candidate Sources in Terms of Quality and Quantity

The pre-hire assessment tools allowed this telecommunications company to understand which candidate sources were providing the most qualified, quality candidates. The client used this insight to reduce costs by focusing resources on their best recruiting sources.

The tools were also valuable in screening large quantities of candidates from colder sources. Using the selection and screening tools together, the company was able to “warm up” cold source applicants to ensure only qualified candidates were coming through.

3. Improved Time to Hire

In this case study, it was found that by adding assessments to the company’s screening and selection process reduced Time to Hire from 3 weeks to 1.5 weeks.

Recruiters felt the tools enriched the process because they could now focus their time on assessing “High Potential” candidates, thus eliminating the need to spend time on unqualified candidates. The tool became an invaluable resource to not only screen, but also was used as a tool to provide advice to the business on the potential hire.

Self Management Group studied the key predictors to performance for the role and established a benchmark using the pre-hire assessments to clearly identify the key predictors separating top from bottom performers. As a result, the recruiters felt they were better prepared to identify candidates more quickly based on key drivers.

The recruiters also received reports that provided further interview questions, which ultimately enriched the recruiter experience as well as the Time to Hire.

4. Improved Turnover

The pre-employment assessments helped save cost for the company by helping to reduce turnover.

The results from the case study showed that call center hires who had gone through an assessment in the screening and selection phases saw a 40% reduction in turnover, generating annualized savings of over $2,700,000.

It is important to note that the company only spent approximately $45,000 on using the pre-hire assessment tools, so the cost savings were well worth the investment.

5. Increased Productivity

The most indispensable benefit of using pre-employment assessments in the screening and selection process was increased productivity!

As mentioned previously, the company used an assessment benchmarked to their current top performers in the call center sales position, allowing them to hire with a focus on replicating success. The benchmarked assessment identified which qualities were essential for top performers in their specific organization and helped them assess those qualities in incoming candidates.

As a result of the benchmarked assessment to the organization helped the company increase revenue per call by 74%.

Pre-Employment Assessments Help You Build Success

The case study clearly shows that building a successful team depends on the analyses of screening and selection tools. Gathering data during screening and selection phase by embedding these assessments into a companies process enhances their ability achieve new levels of productivity and profitability.

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