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By definition Effectiveness describes getting to an outcome. Efficiency is the art of getting to that outcome faster.

As companies look to adopt new technologies and digital solutions in talent acquisition these two key concepts need to be front of mind when making decisions to improve process. As talent professionals we are always seeking more efficient ways to improve the return on energy in terms of business process, but also improving the overall outcome is also equally important.

As you’ve probably read in my last number of blogs I harp immensely making sure talent professionals focus their talent strategy specifically on improving performance and retention. At the end of the day I believe nothing else matters other than that the candidate you hire stays and performs. Thus, when considering a solution to help you modernize your recruitment practice it is extremely important to focus on how this solution will improve your current process, but also at the same time how will it improve our prediction of the caliber of candidates coming in to the system?

In today’s talent marketplace we are fortunate that there are many vendor options available, but how many are tried, true, and tested to work?

Don’t get *bedazzled* by the fancy technology if you it won’t deliver on the two aforementioned concepts. I’ve seen many companies be enthralled by what I call the “Shiny Object” and totally forget about how well with this solution will improve process along with also predicting performance and retention. Companies who ignore or who do not research appropriately have unfortunately paid a huge price because they didn't fully educate themselves on the value it would deliver. Ultimately, the price paid was they became less efficient and effective costing to their business dearly, but also negatively impacting the culture as well as employee turnover and productivity.

While I do provide talent acquisition solutions in the marketplace, there is one compliment that I strive to hear from clients every time I help them which is “Your solution predicts and it works” – It doesn’t get any better then that!