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Are you attracting the right kind of candidates or just posting jobs?

Most organizations are just posting their jobs in a standard fashion and not paying attention to the analytics of the people who apply. The reality is a lot of times high achievers drop off quickly as the job posting doesn’t “attract” them to the position, the culture or the corporate values. The good news is there paradigm shift occurring in talent acquisition to get better at attracting the “Right” people to “Apply”.


Many companies are stuck in an old regime of sending out standard job posting highlighting the job, qualifications, non-negotiable criteria with the hopes someone good will apply. What I've noticed also are many of the same job posts staying for months with no change in the messaging. These companies are just hoping to get right candidate they are looking for and it is a real shame as they are not being very strategic!

With just about everyone being digitally mobile and on top of that it being a candidates marketplace with low unemployment there is a strong need to be much more creative and smarter how we attract candidates.

For example, McDonald’s and TD Bank in Canada have recently launched platforms to attract candidates through Instagram and video applications. It is very smart strategy by the two companies because they are looking to attract young professionals who may be interested their brand, and this modern day form of attraction resonates with this cohort. As a matter of fact, TD Bank was the first Canadian bank to embrace online banking, TD also lead the charge in mobile banking and now are trailblazing the way for digital talent acquisition. TD’s mobile presence is very innovative, because they are willing to embrace and execute their mobile strategy as compared to their competitors who are slowly moving in this direction.

McDonald’s and TD Bank are but a few talent trailblazers who are paving the way to try something new and creative to attract their applicants. Given that these days it is not as hard to post a video on social media, why would you not want to try this strategy to attract the right people for the job…unfortunately not many are!

According to Career Builder (2019), that the candidate application rate goes up by 34% when a job post includes a video. The video is a great representation of your brand and this medium resonates with specific audiences. Like any good marketing the “medium is the message”.

We have to remind ourselves that we also live in a real time world where people want instant and easy access to everything. Most people are likely to watch a short video rather than read a job ad. While this might be my personal opinion, I do believe it. Of course we are not looking to post long movies by any means, but a 20 to 30 second clip to get someone’s attention that this is the place to work.

Harry Hoopis for example, one of the “Great Insurance Managers of all time" and Founder of the Hoopis Performance Network once said that:

“The most important part of the job posting is to attract candidates to click apply”. (Harry Hoopis. Hoopis Performance Network)

It’s our job as talent professionals to "Attract People" to the opportunity in a job advertisement and not to discourage people from applying. A job posting is an attraction strategy not an elimination strategy! While this might be calling out the obvious, many job postings are put up on job sites without any real thought whether it will attract the type of person they are looking for.

So the next time you are posting a job remember our goal is to attract the right people so they click the apply button! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new to attract your next best hire. I always remind myself of the definition of insanity which is "doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result". Be bold and be creative because these are the types of people we are looking for to grow your company.

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