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If you do not take the time and energy to properly onboard the people who have graciously accepted your offer to better your company then what kind of ROI do you expect? As a matter of fact, a proper onboarding process does have a massive positive correlation to employee performance and retention.

According to Glassdoor’s most recent survey, it found that companies with an effective onboarding process were able to improve new hire retention by 82 percent. Furthermore, performance also increased by 70+percent. Regardless of the research, a Gallup study indicated that only 12% of the employees found that their onboarding process was satisfactory, which means that 88% felt it was unsatisfactory. This result is a staggering one that "Talent Management Professionals" should not ignore!

Unfortunately, many onboarding programs focus on process and paperwork (i.e., administrative) versus being more focused on the person and how to maximize their potential in the organization. In hiring for example, one the main criteria for bringing people into the organization is focused on the fit and the person’s potential to thrive in the organization. So in this context, it is hard to understand why this process would not be continued into the onboarding process in talent management?

Leveraging Your Pre-Hire Assessment in Talent Management

This is where a good selection assessment can be leveraged beyond talent acquisition and used as a part of the onboarding process for learning and development. For example, psychometric tools such as the POP™ created by the Self Management Group (i.e., the most scientific assessment in the market) have always provided their clients with post-hire feedback. The feedback provides customized coaching and training suggestions based on the personality of the individual.

Imagine if a manager knew day one how to work with the employee based on who they were and their potential, then I guarantee the onboarding process would be significantly be enriched. Not only does everyone benefit in the process, but the ROI from the manager and the employee would be exponentially be increased.

The key to using a good psychometric tool lies in its depth in how the tool can be leveraged. A strong psychometric assessment should be able to be used beyond screening and selection, and also have the ability to be used in talent management. A strategic organization will ensure that whatever they discovery as strengths in a potential employee in the hiring process will also pass along this valuable information onto talent management.

As talent professionals, if you've taken the proper steps to hire a winner with your organization then you owe it to them, yourself, and the company to invest in them properly in the onboarding process. Take the time to leverage all the information you've learned about the employee in hiring process and pass it along to the talent management phase especially in onboarding employees. If you maximize a person’s potential early you should see a great ROI.

Remember managing talent is an

Investment Decision!

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