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The hot button with talent professionals these days is about looking to burn fewer calories to process more candidates, while at the same time reducing candidate drop off. As a result, it is becoming crucially important to question what parts of the process you want to adjust and what are you looking to achieve?

For example, these days high volume recruiting roles are getting inundated with thousands of applications which are becoming more difficult to manage. While there are viable options in the marketplace to alleviate such burdens, it is still important to consider three critical factors as you roll out any talent solution within your organization such as:

  1. How does it improve the candidate experience?

  2. How efficient in processing candidates (i.e., Burning Less Calories)?

  3. How effective is the solution (i.e., Predicting on the Job Performance & Retention)?

Let’s look at each of these factors in more detail.

Candidate Experience

Obviously, we never want to sacrifice a poor candidate experience at the expense of damaging your reputation or brand. Your candidate experience in the posting and application process are direct reflection to the candidate what your brand represents and what it might be like to work for your company. Candidates in today’s marketplace are very quick to judge as it relates to their experience when applying to your company. So in this context, it is very important to review your application process as it relates to these areas in particular:

  • How engaging is it?

  • What content are you adding to your posting; and

  • How is it attracting candidates?

As mentioned in previous blogs, your posting is an attraction strategy and does it offer enough to engage the applicant to click apply. Are you giving the candidate enough information, but at the same time giving them a real sense what it might be like to work for your organization? A lot of candidates have specific companies in mind they want to work for due to the strong brand or the corporate culture resonates with them personally. However, one bad experience can turn those tables in a whole hurry where you not only can lose a candidate, but a brand loyal customer as well.

TD Bank for example is known for their great customer service and if you apply to TD they also treat their candidates just like they treat their customers. This is a great example where your brand is completely aligned with your attraction and application process, because then you will continue to attract the kind of people that allow your company to thrive.

Last, don’t be shy to monitor your candidate experience as many organizations are also asking a short two question candidate questionnaire to rate their experience after their application is submitted. While it is optional for the candidate, this data can be invaluable to continue to attract winners to your team.


As mentioned in my previous blog on Efficiency vs. Effectiveness, it is important to not get the two mixed up. Many people will sacrifice effectiveness for improved efficiencies or vice versa, when in fact the two need to remain in balance.

Efficiency is essentially looking at the duration and time of someone completing your process. Certainly, in today’s real-time processed world candidates don’t have the patience to have to navigate through many hoops to get to the finish line and as a result candidates drop off.

It is not like it used to be where HR or Talent Acquisition thought “if the candidate wants the job then they will go through our process”. These days, especially in areas where there is low unemployment means “candidates rule”. Furthermore, younger generations are more apt to moving on from companies more readily so there is not as much loyalty to stay with a company long-term. As a result companies should consider what is required to provide an optimal experience to get candidates to apply and stay.

A.I.’s chat technology is a great way to engage candidates to increase not only efficiency, but also improved candidate experience. With younger generations texting and chatting being the norm, then adding a texting feature to reach out to candidates in your ATS certainly creates efficiency for both candidates and recruiters for scheduling or connecting.

Chat BOT's are also very popular now in the screening process where you can ask all the pre-screen questions required, but also an opportunity for the candidate to ask their own about the career. If the candidate passes the pre-screen then the BOT can also schedule an interview on the recruiter’s behalf.

All of these solutions create efficiencies for the recruiter and candidate, but the efficiency also aligns with your candidate strategy as well.


Effectiveness on the other hand is completely different!

Just because you want to process more candidates in a shorter time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality control. Your process has to still keep top of mind in terms of properly eliminating the non-fit candidates and processing the right ones in to your system. There is nothing worse than bringing someone not suitable further into your process or even worse into your company. So when looking at your process continue to monitor what you are trying to predict in terms of on the job performance and retention.

At the end of the day don’t ever sacrifice efficiency for effectiveness. To many who make the switch tend to forget the ‘cardinal rule’ which is we are always trying to predict who will perform and stay with our company. It doesn’t matter if it is in your attraction phase, the screening phase or the selection phase that performance and retention are always the top objectives to achieve when acquiring talent.

For example, I’ve seen companies switch to a different talent technology because it was going to process candidates faster and free up the recruiters time, but they neglected to verify whether the new technology was going to continue to predict performance and retention. While this company achieved objective #1 by improving process they actually took a major hit on objective #2 which was retention and performance costing the company millions of dollars as a result.

So a word to the wise, if you are wanting to burn fewer calories then there is no need to sacrifice anything in your process, but there are many things to consider to improve it. Take the time to review your steps and always consider what you are trying to achieve. Fixing the candidate experience or drop off can be an easy, but don’t make the mistake of inadvertently affect one for another when you decide to make a change.

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