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Digital Transformation & The Value Of Recruitment Automation

There is no question that talent acquisition (TA) professionals are going through a digital transformation in the industry, and are transforming the role with the integration technology to fundamentally enhance how the business operates. Ultimately, this transformation is about creating better efficiencies in order to become more effective in delivering value in the function.

In one area, in particular, TA is significantly enhancing communication lines with candidates for posting jobs, sourcing candidates, and improving the candidate experience. As a result, it is also enhancing the recruiter’s job function to be more efficient. In fact, recruiting automation is taking a front page in most TA teams’ playbooks, and much of it is revolving around conversational A.I.


Conversational AI in its simplest terms is also known as chatbots. In its infancy, it received some bad press because of how primitive it was in the early days. However, these days it is much more sophisticated and is now being coined as ‘recruiting conversation agents’.

Essentially, conversation agents are becoming known as the ‘First Responders’ in recruiting to help improve the candidate experience and conversion ratios. These conversation agents are having the exact conversations recruiters would have with candidates by being able to answer candidate questions about the career opportunity, the job posting, screen candidates, and book interviews. Automated recruiting conversation agents are now a candidate and recruiters best friend because they are the digital first responder in the recruitment process. Automated conversation agents are a significant enhancement to the recruitment function, especially in high volume recruitment because they save time, and determine whether candidate leads are worthwhile.

In fact, candidates are more excited about using conversation agents in the application process because they receive real-time feedback, and they actually feel more comfortable chatting with a bot. Candidates prefer the bot experience because they feel there is no bias in the types of questions they can ask. Literally, candidates feel freer to ask what they want, when they want as it relates to burning questions they may have about the career or company. Not only can conversation agents answer a wide range of questions, but the algorithm can also be monitored closely to see what common questions are coming up in the application process from job seekers so companies can refine their job advertisements to attract the right candidates.

In the end, the key role of an automated recruitment conversation agent is to try and convert as many qualified leads into the recruitment funnel for recruiters. Whereas in the past the recruiter would have to sort through hundreds of resumes where potentially some good ones might get accidentally missed. The good news is automated conversation agents don’t have this problem because they can process 1000’s of conversations simultaneously and sort through all these candidates on the recruiter's behalf.

Convoboss, for example, an internationally based UK automation company embraced chatbots to make them more worthy of a conversation in recruiting and sales lead generation to help companies bolster their marketing efforts. Convoboss’s statistics have shown that automated conversation agents have:

  • 80% open rates

Chatbots can achieve high open-rates and 30% click-through rates.

  • 24/7 ‘First Responder’ to interested candidates

Chatbots work and engage with audiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Talent Pool 2.0

Build your talent pools through automated chatbots to broadcast jobs.

  • 30% cost savings

Implementing automated conversation agents to save time and increase efficiencies.

  • 100% compatible

Android, iOS, or desktop computer. Chatbots deliver the same experience on any device.


Automated conversation agents create enormous efficiencies for companies because they can touch everyone who is interested in a career in a fair manner. Furthermore, it improves the candidate’s experience where everyone gets a response, and it is also able to ensure that the company’s brand is well represented with the right conversations recruiters want to have with people interested in your opportunity.

If you are not already in the process of experimenting with automation in recruiting then we highly recommend you give it a try to be able to tap into a wider talent pool quicker and more seamlessly. To learn more about recruiting automation please visit Express Talent Solutions.