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The New Normal: Working & Hiring In a Virtual World

Over the next 12 to 18 months, the way we have done things will forever be different than the way we have done them in the past. As these new realities besiege within our communities we are going to have to adapt in the way we live, how we pursue our recreation, and how we socialize. Additionally, many of us are having to work from home permanently with less human to human contact resulting in disrupted routines of our jobs to becoming completely virtual in nature.

Even in these unique times, it is so important to not to focus on what we can’t do, but rather focus more on what we can do to continue to thrive no matter the given situation.

The Technology Movement

Over the course of the last 5 to 10 years, our society has evolved in the way that we communicate, work, sell, market and carry out day to day tasks. Many of us have embraced these technologies to speed up the efficiencies and effectiveness of our businesses for helping customers and clients to gain access to what they need when they need it most.

In times like these, where physical distancing is a new norm and working from home with these technologies have become game-changers to give us the freedom to live with minimal disruption as possible. For example, banking apps are available on our phones, ordering groceries other amenities online are made easy for home delivery, and many of our business meetings can now be virtual via video conferencing platforms. Before this unique time, some of us never saw the need to fully embrace all of these technologies, but now put in a unique position we are forced to see the massive value it is bringing to our lives so they are less interrupted by the disorder that surrounds us today.

Technology Advancements in Talent Acquisition

Even in talent acquisition, so many companies have adopted new technologies to help recruiters process more candidates, post jobs, screen candidates and market career opportunities. For example, the early adoption of video interviewing in the last three years has helped recruiters be able to interview anyone from anyplace without having to be physically present. It not only saves costs on travel and office space, but it also provides more convenience for people or panels to interview candidates from anywhere.

Like most interviewing processes there is still a stage of wanting to meet a candidate in person in order to check one’s own intuition on whether they will be a good fit for the team. The reality is in this brave new world of physical distancing that video interviewing will become the new norm for companies and there will be a huge need to validate fit to the role and fit to culture through other means.

Understanding Fit to Role & Fit to Culture

Kronos in 2019, for example, identified that only 21% of companies incorporate some form of technology to measure workforce data into their hiring decisions. Based on the current shift in the market, I think this statistic will double, if not triple because more companies are going to want to use a validated and predictive hiring assessment more often.

Over the next 12 to 18 months there is going to be a huge shift in the hiring process with a complete “stop” of in-person interviews of candidates. Therefore, higher use of video interviewing will be used alongside predictive assessments, which will play a more integral role to help validate fit to the role and fit to culture.

To better understand someone’s fit within a company and in a team, there is a need to better understand who they are in terms of their personality and how they align to key performance indicators (KPI’s) of the role. Using a validated and predictive psychometric assessment is one of the easiest ways to identify this in the hiring process. These types of assessments help predict both personality and human behaviour of the people who will perform, fit and stay based on the ideal ranges or benchmarks set in the assessment.

The Self Management Group for more than 40 years has more than 80 proprietary validated assessments that are used by 3000+ clients in over 40 countries. In a recent study, carried out by the Self Management Group, they found that roughly 70% of organizations have poor retention because they didn’t thoroughly explore fit in the hiring process.

We see this statistic time and time again that fit is commonly overlooked when selecting candidates. However, now with physical distancing to potentially become the norm and video interviewing becoming a standard practice that hiring managers must rely more on a scientific hiring assessment to help them better validate intuition when hiring.

It is important to note, that with video interviewing it will be harder to validate body language and overall first impressions that you are naturally able to get when you meet someone in person. Nevertheless, a well-validated hiring assessment and especially one that assesses personality will help companies better predict human behaviour that matches their organizational needs.

Hire the Best No Matter the Circumstances

Remember, the same rules will always apply no matter the circumstances that there is still nothing worse than hiring someone who doesn’t perform well or fit within your team. Regardless of our current state of affairs, it is important to keep making smart hiring decisions by leveraging technology that will help you predict a winner.

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